Financial Reports

Nitto Europe NV is obliged to publish its annual financial statements (non-consolidated under Belgian GAAP*) in Dutch as it has its office registered in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium. The English version is only available as a reference.

* General Accepted Accounting Principles

Financieel Rapport 2013 (Dutch)

Financial Report 2013 (English)

Financieel Rapport 2012 (Dutch)

Financial Report 2012 (English)

Financieel Rapport 2011 (Dutch)

Financial Report 2011 (English)

Financieel Rapport 2010 (Dutch)

Financial Report 2010 (English)

Financieel Rapport 2009 (Dutch)

Financial Report 2009 (English)

The annual reports of our mother company NITTO DENKO CORPORATION are available with this link:

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