Nitohard RE-1000 08

General description

Nitohard RE-1000 is a heat-curing, epoxy/rubber based material for reinforcement of sheet metal. The product is self-adhesive and bonds tightly to the metal sheet, even to curved surfaces.
The epoxy/rubber resin is foamed and hardened by the heat of the electro-coating line.


  • high reinforcement strength
  • no sink marks on outer panel
  • high adhesion at low temperature
  • attachable to oily metal sheets
  • applicable to complex shapes and curved surfaces
  • excellent workability
  • wide functional temperature range
  • design, test and evaluation in our Automotive Technical Centre (ATC)
  • robotic application possible


Nitohard RE-1000 08
  1. Constrained layer - glass cloth
  2. Expandable layer
  3. release liner


Initial thickness0.8 mm
Thickness after expansion1.8 mm
Adhesion to BA steel35 N/25 mm
Weight1050 g/m²
Bending strength 1mm deflection29 N


Nitohard RE-1000 can be used in any reinforcement application such as: door panel, quarter panel, hood, front fender, trunk lid, roof panel, door handle, B-C pillar, door step and side sill.

created by anaXis