Privacy policy

Nitto Europe NV is applying the following policy to protect the users' privacy as well as the personal information (information such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, birth dates, names of affiliated organizations, or e-mail addresses, that could be used to identify an individual, referred to below as "Personal Information") provided by users through this web site,, (referred to below as "Web Site"). By using this Web Site, you consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with any term thereof, please do not provide personal information through this Web Site.

Nitto Europe NV recognizes that the Personal Information includes an important privacy of users, and accordingly, will make the adequate handling of the Personal Information is its responsibility to users and society in general.

Nitto Europe NV makes reasonable efforts to establish an appropriate management system to prevent the damage, destruction, loss, falsification, leaking, or unauthorized use of the Personal Information, and to take reasonable action to prevent the use of Personal Information by parties other than itself and its affiliated companies. However please be advised that the internet is not a secure medium and the privacy of your Personal Information can never be guaranteed. It should also be understood that the efforts do not apply when discosure is required by law or by regulatory agencies.

Nitto Europe NV uses the Personal Information only for legitimate purposes such as providing useful information to its customers, improving or upgrading this Web Site, and marketing of its products and services.

As stated above, users may refrain from providing their Personal Information to Nitto Europe NV, but doing so might preclude their taking advantage of certain services, as described in the previous paragraph.

We respectfully ask the users not to provide third party information or any other types of false information. Users can have access to Personal Information gathered by Nitto Europe NV through our corporate website at any time by contacting Nitto Europe NV via and are granted the right of rectification to such Personal Information.

Nitto Europe NV respects applicable Belgian laws to deal with the protection of Personal Information and will actively revise this Privacy Policy to comply with changes in these laws and their enforcement.

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