General description

Nitto repulpable double-coated tapes R9410 and R9411 consist of a non-woven tissue carrier, saturated with a water-soluble pressure sensitive adhesive. These tapes are recommended for automatic flying splices on almost all paper grades.


  • excellent splicing properties
  • high temperature resistance
  • easy tearing of the excess paper in the splice area
  • repulpable according to TAPPI Method UM-213-A
  • RoHS compliant (2002/95/CE)


  1. acrylic adhesive
  2. non-woven tissue
  3. acrylic adhesive
  4. release liner

Green water-soluble acrylic adhesive: R9411


Adhesive typeWater-soluble colourless acrylic adhesive
Tape thickness0,080 mm
Release linerSiliconised white paper
Carrier typeNon-woven tissue
Adhesion value600 cN/20mm
Release value15 cN/50mm


Nitto R9410 and R9411 are suitable for splicing operations at high speed with automatic roll change in paper-and printing industries. The products can be used on off-coaters, sheeters, “flying pasters” and “zero-speed splicers”.

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