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In an attempt to drive economic development, create more chances to export, deliver more jobs, and also promote start-up technology companies in the united kingdom, the British government has announced the production of their”Blueprint for Technology” program.

A vital role in achieving the program’s goals is going to be the launching of a six-month independent review of this Intellectual Property (which includes Patents, Trademarks, Designs, and Copyright) frame, to appraise the Government of Intellectual Property rights and fix issues faced by SMEs (Small to Medium Business) regarding intellectual property.


Specific attention is targeted at internet-based technologies, which has been a challenging region to patent in as a result of the overall exclusion of computer investigation and business method inventions under British and European patent legislation.

A goal of the new program would be for the UK to maintain a place to create, by way of instance, a search engine or social networking website to rival the ones that have come from the united states.

It had been noted that the existing UK system for Intellectual Property (known as”IP”), specifically its approach to using copyright material, introduces more constraints than the identical system in the USA, and consequently has shrunk potential growth in the united kingdom.

The results of the inspection, thanks in April 2011, could result in changes already suggested on embracing a more relaxed way of using copyright material to mirror in the united states.

Furthermore, the British Government will be starting a pilot UK’peer to patent’ system. Models of the pilot are being trialed all around the world. The theory behind this peer-to-peer’ method is to supply a chance for technology specialists to render their opinions about published patent applications online. This is in an attempt to assist local patent offices to find out which would be the most innovative new thoughts.

David Cameron, the current British prime minister, declared; “people are searching to create the intellectual property framework more conducive to innovation and creativity, which makes the UK the most attractive spot on earth to begin and invest in advanced technology businesses.”

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